Academic education is incomplete without club activities. At SDJIS, we lay due emphasis on different activities through various scientific, literary, sports and artistic clubs and committees. Club activities supplement academics and make students more qualified, enough confident as well as a capable person who can lead the situation.

  1. Science Club

    The club promotes the interest of science among students. The aim of the club is to apply science not just within the curriculum as it connects students to the science community outside school.

    Incharge teacher : Bhavesh sir, Himadri ma’am, Jignyasa ma’am, Himadri ma’am

    Incharge students : Arman Dhanani, Yesha Bafna

  2. Literature Club

    The club aims to foster a love for language, enhance literacy creativity and provide an avenue for self-expression through variety of activities like debates, elocution etc.It also works in the directives of enhancing the students spoken and written language.

    Incharge teacher : Mariyam ma’am, Manmeet ma’am, Rashmi ma’am

    Incharge students : Angad Lohana, Varda Agarwal

  3. Sports Club

    Sports club provide an opportunity for children to learn skills like leadership, team work, problem solving responsibility, self discipline and a sense of initiative.

    Incharge teacher : Bhavin sir, Sharon ma’am, Manish sir

    Incharge students : Rohit Patil, Priyansh Shukla

  4. Photography Club

    This club aims to nurture students to develop keen observation skills of their space and environment using photography as a medium to tell their story and communicate their ideas.

    Incharge teacher : Ridhhi  ma’am, Milli ma’am

    Incharge students : Dhara Maheshwari, Nanki Narang, Moin  Kaludi

  5. Eco Club

    The club gives the students the platform they need to make their contribution towards preserving the environment. It empowers students to explore environmental concepts and actions beyond the confines of a curriculum or a syllabus.

    Incharge teacher : Mariyam ma’am, Jyoti ma’am, Bhavin sir

    Incharge students : Prisha Mehta,Sanyam Bafna